Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme in South Dublin County

On Tuesday, 24th March 2015, Ms. Anna Lee, Chair of the South Dublin County Local Community Development Committee, Mr. Daniel McLoughlin, Chief Executive of South Dublin County Council and Ms. Marie Price Bolger, Chair of the South Dublin County Partnership signed a contract for the delivery of the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) in South Dublin County. The new programme will be delivered in South Dublin County by the South Dublin County Partnership and has a value of €1,533,589 for the remaining nine months of 2015.

The aim of SICAP is to tackle poverty, social exclusion and long-term unemployment through local engagement and partnership between disadvantaged individuals, community organisations, public sector agencies and other stakeholders.

The programme will engage with the most difficult to reach in the most disadvantaged areas, there will be a focus on youth and on interventions to address youth unemployment, for the harder to reach youth.  SICAP will also effectively contribute to citizen engagement in line with national policy and it will add value to public services by ensuring it fills important local gaps in provision and by preparing disadvantaged people to take up mainstream services.

South Dublin County Partnership was awarded the contract following a public competitive procurement process that was open to Local Development Companies, other not-for-profit community groups, commercial firms and national organisations that could provide the services to be tendered for to deliver the new Programme.

The SICAP target groups are:

Children and Families from Disadvantaged Areas – Lone Parents – New Communities (including Refugees/Asylum Seekers) – People living in Disadvantaged Communities – People with Disabilities – Roma – The Unemployed (including those not on the Live Register) – Travellers – Young Unemployed People from Disadvantaged areas

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