”Unravelling S.I. No. 426”

On Friday 20th March in Dublin, Certification Europe and ResourceKraft co-hosted a breakfast seminar at the Helix on a new piece of legislation under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. The event was well attended with delegates from all sectors of Irish industry seeking clarity on how this new legislation will be implemented in Ireland and what their organisations obligations will thus be.

On December 4th 2014, Statutory Instrument 426 the EU Energy Efficiency Directive was signed into Irish law. All organisations falling into the criteria specified will need to undertake a comprehensive organisation-wide energy audit. Alternatively organisations which have achieved certification in ISO 50001 will be exempt from compliance with these energy audits.

The breakfast briefing successfully achieved its goals of explaining the directive, identifying the range of solutions available and the timeframes involved. A number of guest speakers presented on the potential value available through each avenue of compliance. It was clear to all present that, whilst initially burdonsome to comply before deadlines, this directive will lead to the identification of major cost reduction opportunities accross Irish industry, thus helping to improve profitability and competitiveness.

Certification Europe and ResourceKraft welcomed a panel of experts on energy management such as David McAuley from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, Dr. John Ryan from Certification Europe, Kevin McCarthy from Kingspan, Ian Boylan from Target Energy and Chris Burge from Bravo Energy.

The Q&A session saw a lively discussion between the industry delegates and speakers. The event helped all the delegates grasp their new obligations under this new Irish law, their best path towards meeting their obligations and how their organisations can reap the rewards of having taken such actions. The question of financial penalties for non-compliance before the deadline was raised, but as of yet there has been no official figures released. It is expected any such fines would be in the level A category.

When asked about the “carrot and stick” with regards to enforcing compliance, Gerry Swan of ResourceKraft commented “S.I. 426 is just business sense. The carrot incentive of savings and reduction in energy costs is the true driving force. The stick approach of issuing fines doesn’t really work, however, if it causes action to be taken more quickly, then it achieves the goals of Ireland’s commitment to Article 8 and helps save companies money in the process.”

This event was the first in the series of breakfast briefings organised by Certification Europe and ResourceKraft.

For information on this event or related upcoming events contact Emma Cooke, Certification Europe (, 01 6429 300 ext. 118) or Helene Ljubanic, ResourceKraft (, 01 905 2999 ext. 3).

Article by Helene Ljubanic

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