Waterford City and County Council unveil new corporate logo

Waterford City and Country Council recently revealed their brand new corporate logo at a meeting of the City and County Council in City hall last month. The rebranding of the logo was welcomed by councillors in attendance and the new logo is intended to represent the new unity of Waterford and indeed the unification of the former councils.

The new Chief Executive Officer of Waterford City and County Council, Michael Walsh, stated “we are looking forward to working together towards creating a better environment for all those who live in Waterford. It’s vital that the new organisation is unified in purpose and is visible to those it serves – this logo is one that everyone will recognise immediately.

It’s simple, confident and clear, and demonstrates what we are about. Now it’s important to get on with the job in hand. It’s important to note that a crest is a symbol of place; whereas this new logo is a symbol of the united corporate entity.” The new corporate logo was designed by ICAN who had worked previously on the Waterford Tall Ships three years ago. The company was asked to deliver a logo that was strong, confident and which demonstrated leadership and
looked at a wide range of options.

The colour and style of the new logo are rooted in Waterford’s maritime heritage, while the font has an approachable and professional feel. Until now Waterford City Council and Waterford County Council have both used individual corporate logos.

Since the amalgamation of the two councils it was no longer deemed an option to have two
separate logos.This new logo will be the Council’s primary brand of identification and identity – the symbol of a unified, strong and ambitious new corporate body.



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