Education Feature News
Budget increases by €360 million to €11.1 billion as special education, small schools and teaching principals benefit from new investment. More higher education places and new third level courses being created as part of new €60 million fund. Increase in funding for apprenticeships and training under the National Training Fund. Budget 2020 provides the fourth […]
Feature News Transport
Proposed construction of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Dublin-Belfast Railway Line 220 metres south of Donabate Train Station, Donabate, Co. Dublin. In accordance with Part XI of the Local Government Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended), Fingal County Council […]
Health News
Stress doesn’t feel good to have, nor does it feel good to be around. Eighty percent of regular workers say they feel stress during their day. In many companies, stress feels baked into the work culture, everyone know about it and acknolwedges it most of us don’t know how to counteract it. Like any contagion, […]