Universal Books launched Conor Galvin’s debut novel, ‘Burn in Hell Daryl Flynn’, in McGrattan’s Lounge last night, Thursday 30th September. Conor Galvin’s style of writing exposes the sneering cynical Dublin veneer of living life at the hard edge of society. His brute force observations on the manic struggles of ordinary people behind closed doors will […]
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Innovate Limerick through Film in Limerick has partnered with Gorm Media to launch a new diversity initiative to support under-represented in the film and TV industry. Supported by Screen Skills Ireland, the initiative responds to the under-representation of people from culturally and ethnically diverse communities working in Irish filmmaking, and the barriers faced by
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Local authorities improved their performance across a range of indicators during 2020, despite Covid-19 challenges and while providing additional innovations and services during the pandemic. The NOAC Local Authority Performance Indicator Report 2020 shows local authorities made advances last year, in particular in the areas of housing, business supports, and online