5 gadgets to invest in for summer

Quite often, the best technology comes at a hefty price but not always. Here are five gadgets to up your tech game on a budget…

Backup battery pack

No matter what time of year it is, a backup battery pack is a lifesaver for any smartphone owner. These devices have become more much affordable and will help ensure you don’t run out of battery power. Not only that, they are available to purchase in a plethora of stores, from Penneys to Currys PC World for between €10 – €30. Whether it’s holidays to Spain, trips to the beach, camping or festivals this summer; this is an incredibly handy gadget.

Portable speaker

Another great gadget which has become increasingly affordable, as has the sound quality. If you are travelling solo, a portable speaker for playing music stave off the feeling of being alone, while with friends or family, it helps get a bit of an atmosphere going on a night out! What you will pay depends on what you want but a very affordable and all round solid choice is the Jam Classic Bluetooth speaker; small enough to pack for trips but powerful enough to fill a room with sound – and at €25, it’s none too expensive.


Google’s humble Chromecast is easily the best tech you can buy for under €40. Now a staple of many homes, it plugs into the HDMI port of a TV, allowing you to stream content from their phone, tablet or laptop onto the big screen. Aside from being a genius gadget, it’s great value and simple to use. What is often overlooked is how portable the Chromecast really is. If you are going abroad for work or pleasure, it’s worth packing the Chromecast to hook up to the TV in your accommodation – it is especially useful in the battle to beat jetlag.

Tile tracker

Have you ever been sat on the beach and witnessed someone frantically search for their keys?

Tile produce items that connect to your phone via Bluetooth. If you misplace your wallet or keys, it’s possible to track them down using the Tile app. There are a number of products available on the market, but this one for €26.99 is a good starting point. If you have to drop your keys in the sand, it’s possible to enable a small alarm within the Tile app, making your keys easier to find – and your day much less stressful.

Swimcell cover

This is not an aesthetically pleasing accessory, but it can save phone owners a lot of unnecessary heartache. Retailing at around €19.95, the Swimcell Waterproof Case (€19.95) ensures that no water or sand gets near your trusty phone. It’s worth noting that this is also rather useful to have in the lashing rain as well, not that we’d know anything about that in Ireland.

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