85% of Irish offices experience connectivity problems

One in ten Irish employees experience connectivity issues while at work every day.

This is according to a new independent survey commissioned by WiredScore to highlight the benefits of efficient and reliable internet services for offices in Dublin.

The research found that over a third say they can’t work at all when they experience an internet outage, while, for 79% of respondents, a reliable internet connection is essential to their company and their work.

While a clear majority of those surveyed (77.5%) said their connectivity issues tend to last less than 30 minutes, the findings indicate that interruptions to internet services have a far-reaching impact on productivity, much greater than is indicated by the duration of the outage.

The survey’s publication coincides with the launch of WiredScore in Ireland, the international platform that rates the connectivity and technological capacity of office buildings.

As of today, WiredScore is now officially providing digital connectivity certifications to commercial properties in Ireland – including over 22% of the current commercial development pipeline in Dublin.

Speaking earlier this week, WiredScore’s President & EMEA MD, William Newton said, “We believe WiredScore will enhance Ireland’s reputation as a great place to invest and to do business, driving the creation of new jobs and greater opportunities. We can help to attract companies, some of whom may be considering relocation because of Brexit, to come to Ireland by providing transparent, globally recognised, connectivity ratings to potential office locations.”

He added, “Our survey shows that reliable internet connection is a top priority for Irish businesses with three in five telling us that the quality of internet connection was the main consideration for their company when they chose their office space.”

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