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Council.ie are industry leaders when it comes to reporting on local authorities throughout the whole of Ireland. The Journal represents the very latest in news and information on Irish county councils and provides government departments, local councils and related agencies. We’re motivated by the best in local government initiatives and draw inspiration from the best practices being applied around the country.

The council Journal and www.council.ie strives to provide comprehensive coverage of all council news covering topics such as environmental, finance, transport, infrastructure and waste management while promoting debate on a wide range of matters through articles on current and historical events, interviews, profiles and up to date news.

The Journal is accompanied by a dedicated website, council.ie, and is represented on the social media platforms, Facebook and twitter.

The council.ie website is continually updated to contain the latest in exclusive content and focuses on the government community with news items and articles that cover the spectrum from local community interest pieces to government policies. It is accessed by 10,000 local authority and council staff weekly. We also produce a council email newsletter that reaches 6,000 subscribers every week.