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Dublin city and county councils are offering generous schemes to existing and potential landlords, in the hope that such incentives might increase the provision of social housing for lower-income tenants in the city.  The scheme would allow potential landlords to deal with the councils themselves rather than directly with tenants, and guarantee income levels (up […]
Yacht owners who are volunteers with Foyle Sailability have revealed their plans to round Ireland on an awareness raising campaign for Sailability Ireland, a national organization aimed at increasing opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in sailing and water-based activities. Foyle Sailability was launched in May 2013 by a group of people from throughout
A new study has suggested that almost 24,000 people in this country could have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. The survey examined nearly 30,000 people over a four year period between 2009 and 2013 in order to assess diabetes and cardiovascular risk in the Irish people. The study, which was conducted on behalf of VHI Healthcare […]
The Road Safety Authority (RSA) are currently considering a technological solution to the problem of persistent, repeat offence drink driving. The “alco-lock” is a breathalyser device attached to the dashboard of a car which prevents the engine from starting unless the driver has given an all clear breath sample. The “alco-Lock” is to be deployed […]
Over 180 events stretching right across Donegal help make up an extensive programme for the 18th annual Bealtaine Festival which takes place throughout the month of May. Bealtaine is about celebrating creativity as we age and from dance to cinema, painting to theatre, it is a chance for people to make new and challenging work […]
An in depth interview with Féidhlim Harty from FH WETLAND SYSTEMS Ltd. The Council Journal speaks to Mr. Harty regarding his new book as well as how best to use waste as a resource… Feidhlim, congratulations on the recent publication of your very well-received new book – Septic Tank Options and alternatives. The book has […]
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Flights on the Waterford-London Luton route are set to resume at the end of this month, with Belgian-based VLM Airlines to fly 12 times a week in each direction. Services to London will consist of twice-daily Monday-Friday flights, as well as a Saturday and a Sunday service. Operations began on Monday, April 27. VLM will […]
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It’s due to become one of the major political hot potatoes over the next couple of years, but many people don’t yet realise that Ireland has signed up to massive carbon reductions by 2020. In the 2007 Government White Paper, Delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland, a target has been set for a 20% […]
Sedicci has won high praise for their progressive technology. Their authentication software uses Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) to significantly reduce the risks when exchanging data online. We spoke to Richard Coady, who co-founded the company with Rob Leslie. Richard has vast experience in local and global technology sales and business development and has previously held