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Business Cluster Formation: Geoscience Ireland Report

A recent report from Geoscience Ireland offers a guide to implementing a business cluster strategy based on its own experience.

Geological Surveys are, as their name suggests, more normally engaged with projects such as mapping and monitoring, and in our own case, major initiatives such as marine mapping for INFOMAR and national programmes such as Tellus. However the global economic crisis of 2008/2009 and its manifestation in the Irish economic downturn, led to a challenge to see how Geological Survey Ireland might assist in national recovery. This led to the creation of Geoscience Ireland, which has proved to be an effective and enduring resource in supporting Irish companies to develop and grow their businesses by expanding into international
markets. The strategy to forming this has led to some valuable lessons and insights which have now been codified into a report and a series of steps in the formation of business clusters.

The Steps are:


2.Structures and Governance

3.Trust Building


5.Maximising State Resources

6.Create entrepreneurial support and learning networks

7.Use clusters as a context for learning, and for developing firms

8. Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in Geoscience

9.Provide national and seek EU funding

10.Use clusters as a promotional tool

The full report can be access HERE

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