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Cathaoirleach leads call to celebrate ‘Clare Covid Heroes’

Pictured above: Cathaoirleach, Cllr Mary Howard

A new initiative from the Office of the Cathaoirleach in Clare County Council will celebrate good deeds done by people in Clare during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Cathaoirleach, Cllr Mary Howard, is inviting people in Clare to nominate fellow citizens for recognition as ‘Clare Covid Heroes’ for the help and support they have provided to others during Covid-19.

Cllr Howard said: “This initiative is about celebrating the ‘everyday heroes’ all around us who have been quietly helping and supporting others during the past year under the various levels of Covid-19 restrictions.

“From providing practical assistance, such as ordering online shopping for older relatives and neighbours, to offering emotional support, perhaps through socially distant visits or video and phone call check-ins, people in our communities have really been there for each other.

“Little gestures can mean a lot, and can have a big impact on the lives of others. The past year has been very challenging in all sorts of ways. But the response of people in Clare to support and be there for each other has been commendable, indeed heroic.

“We know that staff working in our front-line services have gone beyond all our expectations in meeting the Covid-19 challenge, and they can count on our ongoing support and boundless gratitude. This initiative, however, is about recognising the everyday efforts of people who are not providing professional services but who have been doing little things to help others. Simple gestures such as these are so important in minimising loneliness and isolation, especially among vulnerable people.

“Their inspiring contribution to the community response throughout Covid-19 is to be commended. I invite people in Clare to nominate fellow members of the community who have made an impact on their lives that may quietly have gone unnoticed but that deserve to be recognised.

“‘Covid Heroes’ are all around us, and as Cathaoirleach I want to thank and congratulate people for the good deeds they have done.”

Examples of gestures that may be considered under this initiative include: collecting or delivering messages for a vulnerable neighbour or family member; checking in on neighbours in isolated parts of the county; providing assistance with online shopping or services for elderly people who may not be enabled to use technology; visiting others in a socially distant way, in line with public health guidelines; or simply staying in contact by phone with a vulnerable member of the community to check if there is anything they need. All nominations will be reviewed and considered by the ‘Clare Covid Heroes’ panel.

Nominations for all good deeds provided in a non-professional capacity are welcome under this initiative.

Clare Covid Heroes will receive a special certificate of commendation from the Cathaoirleach.

Nominations of 150 words or less may be made by post to ‘Clare Covid Heroes’, Office of the Cathaoirleach, Clare County Council, New Road, Ennis, Co. Clare, or by email to [email protected].

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