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Community Groups Urged to Have Say on Local Issues Through Public Participation Network

A new national awareness campaign is encouraging community groups and volunteers to join their local Public Participation Network (PPNs) .

Public Participation Networks allow local authorities to connect with community groups around the country and give people a greater say in local government decisions that affect their communities.

Each county and city in Ireland has its own PPN and more than 18,000 community and voluntary groups are currently members.

Are you part of a community or voluntary group? Find your local Public Participation Network here.

Interesting in learning more? Further information on Public Participation Networks can be found here.

In February 2023, the Department of Rural and Community Development revealed new national branding for the Public Participation Networks.

Follow the public awareness campaign and latest news on social media using #PublicParticipationNetworks and #BuildingABetterFuture .

Watch the short video to find out more!

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