Cork City Council agrees a budget of €222.34 million for 2020

Cork City Council agreed an expenditure budget of €222.340 million for 2020 at its annual budget meeting this evening – an increase of over €55 million in spending compared to this year.

€37 million of this increase comes due to the extension of the city boundary with another €18,197,000 being general expenditure increase on the 2019 budget.

Over €5.8million of this increased €18 million will be spent on homelessness in the city, another €5.6 million of spend comes from a road restoration improvement grant, an extra €1.8 million will be spent on housing leasing next year, €500,000 will be spent on the European Maritime Day two-day conference (which along with the Seafest festival will bring approximately 101,000 visitors to the city), €2.3million of spend is due to an increase in payroll, €1.1 million will be spent on staff pensions and a €500,000 Transport Infrastructure Ireland Maintenance Grant has provided the remainder of the spending increase.

Cork City Council Chief Executive, Ann Doherty said: “The challenge of Cork City Council’s budget is to ensure that the Council continues to achieve a balanced allocation of resources to ensure that it means the competing demands across the social, economic, cultural, environmental and infrastructural developments of the city”.

The Elected Members voted 27 for and 3 against.

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