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Cork City Council Reuse Month Roadshow

October is National Reuse Month and to celebrate this, Cork City Council’s Reuse Roadshow is visiting several locations throughout the city to encourage people to support our local charity and vintage shops. These shops play a practical role in reuse and the circular economy, as well as raising funds for important charities and creating jobs locally.

Cork City Council’s “Reuse Roadshow” presents a selection of the high quality, unique clothing that is available in Cork City charity and vintage shops, with fabulous fashion from local charity shops Barnardos and Enable Ireland and vintage shops Eva May Vintage and Records & Relics. The Roadshow also showcases upcycled fashion that has been created and curated by fashion students from St John’s Central College who have engaged their skills and imagination to create outfits from a range of second-hand garments. 

The roadshow starts in City Hall on Tuesday 11th October and will move around the city throughout the month, visiting locations such as MTU, ClearStream and Nano Nagle PlaceReLove Paint will also be featured at some of the locations.

Reuse ensures that goods – like clothing or furniture – stay in our economy for as long as possible. It includes activities such as swopping, repairing, borrowing, leasing and upcycling. Reuse is the preferred environmental option for managing our resources because it prevents a product from becoming waste and reduces demand for new products. About 40% of a country’s greenhouse gas emissions are associated with the manufacture and distribution of products, so by reusing more we can protect our environment and reduce our environmental footprint. 

Mary Walsh, Cork City Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer, commented that “the aim of the Roadshow is to highlight the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion by promoting the merits of reuse and the economic, social and environmental contribution that the preloved fashion sector can make to our society. The delivery of the Roadshow is being facilitated by Cork Environmental Forum, who do tremendous work in the community working towards a better environment for all.”

Source: Cork City Council

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