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Council gets more than €400,000 to update tourist signage in city

CORK City Council has received funding to update and improve wayfinding signs for the city’s tourists.

Cork city received between €400,000 and €500,000 as part of Fáilte Ireland’s ‘Destination Town’ funding scheme.

The funds will support the development and roll-out of a new visitor orientation and wayfinding scheme.

It has been identified that Cork city centre’s unique island layout, with river channels to its north and south, makes orientation more challenging for visitors. 

With the new signage, visitors will understand what is available to them within walking distance, by bicycle and public transport.

The incorporation of interpretation, storytelling and animation will enable visitors understand the city’s maritime character and heritage.

Key elements of the project will include work on signage at gateway and arrival points, such as Cork Airport, railway stations, bus stations, car parks and the park and ride.

A network of highly visible points will also be established throughout the city for pedestrians to orientate themselves.

Independent Cork City Councillor Kieran McCarthy says there are many tourist signs around the city centre that are “dated and run down.” 

“Many tourists are unable to navigate the signage currently in the city. There are few useful orientation tools at arrival points in the city.”

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