Council to spend over €12 million on roads maintenance in 2020

Donegal County Council will spend over €12,000,000 on roads maintenance in 2020.

As well as repairs, cleaning, lining, and signage, winter gritting and the immediate response to flooding will also be covered.

There are 6,446 kilometres of roads in Donegal, the vast majority of that made up of local roads, which account for 5,354 kms, or 84% of Donegal’s whole roads network.

In the budget passed last month, the council has a Non National Road Discretionary Grant of €5,111,000, with a further €6,120,000 coming from the council’s own resources.

When just over €927,000 is added for National Roads, it brings the total to be spent by the council on road maintenance in the county next year to just over €12,164,000.

This does not include money being allocated by TII.

The money will go towards, gritting, flood responses, pothole and pavement repairs, drainage, street cleaning, signage and road lining.

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