Cultural Research Through Sound and Music in West Clare

The ‘Gangani Legacy’, under the new art program, Gaining Ground, is an auditory exploration of influences that immigration and assimilation have had in West Clare. Led by composer Ian Wilson, he will examine such effects through various cultural lenses like linguistics, customs, heritage and local attitudes.

The musical project will combine both indigenous and foreign influences to present a complex legacy in the universal language of music. The project will produce a track with interviews between Wilson and persons of all backgrounds.

The second track will feature Dublin-based, Japanese pianist Izumi Kimura, and the renowned, Clare-born guitarist Joe O’Callaghan. Wilson will be looking for local groups and people to participate throughout the project – details of how to get involved will be announced once the project starts. It will take place over the next two years and be presented at the International Rural Arts Symposium in 2020.

Below: Ian Wilson 

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