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Donegal County Council Press Release – Christmas Road Safety campaign

‘You can’t turn back time’

This year has been a very challenging year in many ways for everyone; it has also been a year when too many people have lost their lives on our roads. Road users are being encouraged to watch an emotive video to gain an understanding of the challenges members of An Garda Siochana have to face when dealing with the aftermath of a fatal collision.

The devastating moment a Garda knocks on a door after a fatal road collision has been highlighted in a video clip to better understand the real human impact of road collisions and how we can work together to prevent further needless tragedy on our roads. The video, entitled ‘You can’t turn back time’ , depicts a scenario in which a Garda delivers life-changing news to the family of a road victim,  killed in a collision caused by  either speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, drink and drug driving or failing to wear a seatbelt.

We hope that the video clip will impact on the behaviour of all road users in Donegal and beyond and help to make our roads safer by reducing the number of injuries and collisions.

Let’s hope it stops a Garda from having to deliver this life changing message to other families. To date in 2020, 136 people have lost their lives on Irish roads, 10 lives have been lost in Donegal. 

Inspector Seamus McGonigle said “The sight of a Garda at the front door can conjure up the most feared emotions. The walk up somebody’s path, to someone you have never met before and knowing that you are about to absolutely destroy their whole world by telling them that the person they love is not coming home. A normal day in the life of a family and then it is shattered. From that point forward their lives are changed forever and Christmas and special occasions will never be the same again”.

Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer said “For thousands of families, their lives are changed forever as a result of the consequences of a collision and we need to all commit to work together and take responsibility for our behaviour on the roads. Every life lost leaves a family grieving, an empty chair at Christmas, a mother, father, son or daughter never coming home. We also don’t always think of the people who are seriously injured or the impact this has on families, relationships, communities and futures”.

“So going forward, take those extra couple of seconds to check at junctions, for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

“Take those extra couple of seconds to check your blind spot before you overtake, and whether it really is safe to do so.

Take those few seconds to consider whether you should drive after drinking or taking drugs.

Take that time to consider other road users and the devastation and pain caused by road traffic collisions. It could save a life.

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