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Dublin City Council Launches Play Strategy 2022-2027

Dublin City Council has launched a new Play Strategy that will focus on continued active research with children and young people to ensure they are involved in the design and planning of play spaces and places throughout the city. 

This approach will further assist in realising the vision for Dublin as a Child Friendly and Playful City where all children and young people can fully enjoy their right to play! 

‘Everywhere, Any Day, You Can Play!’ was developed by Dublin City Council as a local authority response and commitment to supporting and upholding UNCRC Article 31; the child’s right to play. 

The strategy was launched by the Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy, who said, “what has been vital in the development of this strategy is the authentic response to feedback from a robust public consultation process that included groups from across society. Drawing on Article 31 is crucial in underpinning the play strategy and is in alignment with recommendations within UNCRC General Comment 17 on Article 31 in adopting and achieving the principle of “Play Sufficiency”. This principle informs the development of a citywide play infrastructure that involves developing and facilitating the right conditions for play to happen.”

The launch of the strategy follows the highly successful landmark event, the 10th Child in the City World Conference which was hosted by Dublin City Council and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth which took place at Dublin Castle from 5th – 7th October.  

Young members of Comhairle na nÓg provided the opening comments of the strategy, having their say about play and giving children and young people the opening words in setting the tone of this strategy. Congratulations and thanks also go to 10 year old author Leon Travers from Francis Street School, Dublin 8 for creating this wonderful title for the Dublin City Play Strategy “Everywhere, Any Day, You Can Play!” 

Les Moore, Head of Dublin City Council’s Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services, was responsible for overseeing the development of a comprehensive and meaningful strategy that involves a vision for Dublin as a child-friendly and playful city to improve the lives of its youngest citizens and placing them at the heart of this Strategy. 

Subsequently, Dublin City Council’s Play Development Officer Deborah Clarke led the development of this Play Strategy, through public engagement and liaison with various departments within Dublin City Council and outside agencies. This interdepartmental and external agency consultation process has contributed to the development of the Play Strategy through the review and agreement of strategy themes and approval and agreement of future collaborative working. 

Finally, Dublin City Council would like to thank the children and young people, our many partner organisations, key stakeholders and individuals who contributed toward producing this Play Strategy and making it fit for purpose. 

To view the new Play Strategy please click here:

Source: Dublin City Council

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