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Dublin City Council Proposes Pedestrian, Cycle-Only Bridge

Dublin City Council has proposed a pedestrian and cycle-only bridge to cross the River Liffey from Blood Stoney Road to New Wapping Street along the Dublin Docklands.

The bridge, being called the Blood Stoney Bridge, would feature a cycling path in the center with walking paths on either side. It would also be an opening bridge to make room for river traffic.

The area around the Docklands has been marked as a Strategic Development Zone and is expected to undergo significant changes in the near future, Dublin City Council has reported. The Blood Stoney Bridge, which would tie in with the proposed Liffey Cycle Route, is a step in that development.

The news of the bridge proposal is timely, as hundreds of cyclists rode through City Centre protesting the delay of the Liffey Cycle Route just this last week. The cycle route has been in the planning stages for seven years.

Construction on the Blood Stoney Bridge, however, will not begin until winter 2019, so no major advancements can be expected to take place immediately. Currently, Dublin City Council is in search of a contractor to help create the bridge. Extensive research on the area remains to be done before the project can get underway.

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