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Dublin City Council to Become JAM Card Friendly Local Authority

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Caroline Conroy, announced that Dublin City Council has made a commitment to become a JAM Card friendly local authority. 

Just. A. Minute. That is what JAM Card stands for and that is what it gives you – just as much time and patience as you need in public or social situations. JAM Card allows people with a hidden disability or communication barrier to tell others that they need extra time and understanding in a private and easy way 

The JAM Card was created by NOW Group, a social enterprise that supports people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future and their service users told them that they would like a way to relay to people that they need a little extra time or patience. 

Speaking at the launch Lord Mayor Caroline Conroy said, “Dublin City Council has committed to becoming a JAM Card friendly local authority to send out a clear message of inclusion, access and quality customer service. We hope that our commitment will serve as a catalyst for others to join with us to create a JAM Card friendly City.” 

For those with a learning difficulty, autism, Asperger’s or any condition where there can be a communication barrier, the JAM Card allows users to relay to others that they may need a little extra time in a simple, effective non-verbal manner. The JAM Card is useful when in a customer facing environment such as our reception desks, our libraries, our Leisure Centres and on public transport. 

Dublin City Council will be providing JAM Cards at the reception desk in the Civic Offices and across Dublin City Libraries and Area Offices. These cards will be available early in 2023. 

Dublin City Council’s frontline staff will also wear pin badges or lanyards to indicate that they are JAM Card trained. 

Source: Dublin City Council

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