Dublin City Council improves safety on fleet with ‘Sentinel Systems’

Dublin City Council has teamed up with Sentinel Systems – a specialist in vehicle safety and camera solutions – to install safety camera and recording devices onto its vehicles.

The move was prompted by Dublin City Council’s desire to enhance the safe operation of their vehicles and vehicle safety products, deemed necessary for its operation in Dublin City Centre and other congested areas.

The system comprises of Sentinel’s side-scanning sensors and cameras, which are installed along the near-side and front-step of the vehicle.

Visual and audible aids on the Bike Hotspot system alert the driver to a cyclist’s movement within a predetermined range. The system can also warn the cyclist or pedestrian that the vehicle is turning left, triggered by the left-hand indicator, so they can keep at a safe distance from the vehicle while it is moving.

These surrounding areas of a vehicle can be the most common blind spots for cyclists.

The system activates while the vehicle is travelling under 15mph to prevent false alarms.

It is hoped that the installation of Sentinel’s systems will helps to prevent accidents caused by large vehicles reversing or manoeuvring in confined spaces, which can be a challenge for drivers in busy towns and cities.

Walkers Vehicle Rentals, contractors and installers of Sentinel’s products to Dublin City Council vehicles, has successfully used a variety of Sentinel’s safety products before. Sentinel’s camera safety systems were installed onto two Dublin City Council MAN TGS 32.440, equipped with Hyva Hookloaders.

Speaking on the new arrangement, Francis Cunningham from Walkers Vehicle Rentals has said;
“Given the history we have with Sentinel and having used a variety of the company’s products before, we had no difficulty in recommending Sentinel on the grounds of customer requirement, cost, technical support and specification. Sentinel’s products have been very beneficial so far and our customers are very happy with them. We would definitely consider using Sentinel’s products on our vehicles again in future.”

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