Dublin Councils Offer Scheme to Landlords to Boost Social Housing.

Dublin city and county councils are offering generous schemes to existing and potential landlords, in the hope that such incentives might increase the provision of social housing for lower-income tenants in the city.  The scheme would allow potential landlords to deal with the councils themselves rather than directly with tenants, and guarantee income levels (up to 92% of normal market value) for short or long periods.  Dublin is currently in the grip of a complex housing crisis.  A general shortage has driven rental and sales values through the roof, making social housing a particularly pressing problem; Dublin city’s waiting list for social housing is over 20,000, with many of those projected to be waiting for years, unless housing initiatives are considerably ramped up.  The new campaign, part of the government’s targets to considerably increase social housing by 2017, sees Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, Fingal and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown offering three schemes.  The hope is that these schemes will appeal to landlords by virtue of offering guaranteed incomes over set periods of time, up to 20 years in duration.  According to Dick Barry, assistant chief executive at Dublin City Council, “There are schemes available for professional landlords who want to maximize income, and also for those property owners wishing to be less directly involved with letting.  In all cases, we are offering guaranteed income.  We will inspect the property promptly, and landlords could be paid from that initial inspection.”

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