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Dublin to host international cycling conference

Dublin will host Velo-City, an international cycling conference later this month.
The event is being hosted by the Dublin City Council and will take place from the 25th to the 28th June at the Convention Centre Dublin. Over 1500 delegates are expected to attend the four-day event.

Transportation has always been a defining characteristic of the bustling city. Whether it’s taking a chance on a drive through the congested streets, hopping on a crowded evening train, or waiting for the bus that might never come, the city is often tied to the pollution inducing madness that comes with commuting in urbanised areas.
However, there’s been a marked shift in the way people now move throughout cities as seen right here in Dublin: the bicycle.
With the city’s commitment to active mobility and sustainable transport, there has been a 147 percent increase in cyclists in Dublin, making it the perfect candidate for the 2019 Velo-City Conference.

The Velo-City Conference is the European Cyclists’ Federation’s annual global cycling summit and is the largest conference with a universal focus on cycling, bicycle innovations and safety, social and cultural changes driven by cycling, and cycling infrastructure. It also draws interest and fosters conversation in both the health and environmental aspects of cycling. Delegates can choose from any number of workshops and presentations related to cycling and the implementation of smart cities, in addition to hearing lectures from the world’s leading voices on the conference’s central issues. Here are a few keynote speakers: Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and integral actor in remaking Copenhagen into a cyclist-friendly city; Amanda Ngabirano, urban and regional planner and Vice President and representative of Africa in the World Cycling Alliance; and Jennifer Dill, Director of the Transportation Research and Education Center Portland State University. Delegates can also enjoy the vibrant social programme intrinsic to Ireland’s capital city.

With the numerous greenways and cycle routes that already exist within the city, delegates can easily experience all the remarkable sights that make up Dublin. Though the convention brings delegates from all across the globe, the sense of community built directly into the programme can’t be missed. This is epitomised in the Velo-City Dublin Bike Parade on 26th June, where local residents can join delegates as they bike through the city towards a massive celebration at St. Anne’s Park. Complete with games, music, food, and theatre, it’s representative of the goal of the conference itself: to bring together a diverse array of people with the wonders of cycling.

For more information: https://www.velo-city2019.com/

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