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Further Funding for City Cyclists

Funding of €400,000 for Dublin City Council has been confirmed by Minister for Transport Shane Ross, in addition to €110m already secured for the development of cycling and walking infrastructure across the country.

Dublin City Council intend to use the funding to invest in new cycling safety infrastructure, including the installation of smart cyclist detection equipment. This equipment intends to be present at 40 junctions across Dublin and aims to make busy junctions more accessible to cyclists. The smart technology should regulate traffic more effectively hence making junctions safer for those travelling by bike.

Two types of detections are set to be installed within the city area as a start to the new safety action, and will be placed in 60km/h areas before the end of the year.

These proposed safety installations will target concerns raised by cyclists in Dublin’s city centre. Concerns that have been raised include: Cyclists not having enough time to cross a junction before opposing signals go green, cyclists colliding with left turning vehicles, a lack of information on numbers of cyclists at different junctions.

Minister Ross spoke about the 4 year plan to increase interest in cycling saying on top of this development ‘significant investment is planned under the BusConnects programme in Dublin, which will deliver around 200km of, where possible, segregated cycle paths.’

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