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Galway City Council Welcomes N6 GCRR Decision

Galway City Council welcomes the decision of An Bord Pleanála to grant planning consent to the proposed N6 Galway City Ring Road (N6 GCRR) project. 

This very important milestone is crucial to safeguard the future development of Galway City as the principal economic centre in the west of Ireland. The proposed road development will assist in enabling the significant future population and employment growth that is forecast for Galway City by adding additional links to the road network, including a new crossing over the River Corrib and linkages between the various radial routes that serve the city.  This will improve accessibility and it will provide a basis for the compact growth of Galway City.

The N6 GCRR will reroute national ‘through traffic’ from the centre of Galway City, allowing the existing over-capacity road network to function more effectively, and creating road space for walking, cycling, and public transport infrastructure – enabling an integrated transport solution for the city and environs, as envisaged in the Galway Transport Strategy. The decision of An Bord Pleanála will facilitate the full implementation of the Galway Transport Strategy with benefits for active travel and public transport and with a very positive impact on sustainable travel transport mode share.  The proposed development will greatly improve on traffic congestion and journey times on key routes in the overall transport network.

Galway City Council would like to thank all those who took the time to engage in the previous public consultation, and Oral Hearing, and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with project partners, TII, Galway County Council, as the N6 GCRR progresses. This project is funded by the Department of Transport and TII through Project Ireland 2040.

The Chief Executive of Galway City Council, Brendan McGrath stated, “as Galway City and its environs continues to grow as planned under the National Development Plan and in the National Development Plan, it is crucial to safeguard the future development of the city as the principal economic centre and growth driver in the west of Ireland, and to ensure that development is sustainable.”

The proposed road development comprises approximately 18km of road infrastructure from a new junction with the R336 at the western side of Bearna to tie-in to the existing N6 to the east of Galway City at Coolagh, Briarhill. The N6 GCRR will transform Galway City Centre from a location typically characterised by heavy congestion and significant traffic volumes to a destination of choice for residents, workers and visitors alike – with increased walking and cycling infrastructure, and a more reliable, frequent and attractive public transport offer. The decision by An Bord Pleanála will support a number of key policy areas for Galway City, and the wider western region, relating to sustainable travel; urban realm; active lifestyles; climate action; and compact employment-led growth.”

Source: Galway City Council

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