Government looking to develop app for serious weather alerts

The government is exploring the possibility of developing a smartphone weather app that will alert the public to serious weather events.

According to Minister of State for the OPW and Flood Relief, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran, such a weather app, used in many countries such as the UK and the US, can bring real-time alerts directly to people in areas where there is impending serious weather events such as flooding is forecast.

The development comes on the floods which devastated Donegal last month, with many residents saying they were caught completely off guard by the rain that occurred in late August, which resulted in the flash flooding.

Minister Moran recently raised the concept on his visit to Met Éireann’s headquarters at Glasnevin in Dublin.

“This would then allow people in affected areas time to properly prepare in advance by giving them more time to protect their properties, themselves and their families,” the minister said.

“My suggestion received a very good response and it is something that I intended to explore further with the relevant Government departments,” said Minister Moran.

Minister Moran said when a weather crisis is pending, every second counts.

“Technology has become a great aid in the assisting of people in times of need.

“The gardaí have been using the community text-alert system quite successfully now in recent years, targeting particular areas with specific information when needed.

“I think that there is no reason now why we cannot do this for our weather through a dedicated mobile phone app,” said Minister Moran.

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