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Green Tips to Reduce Your Waste This Christmas

With the big day just around the corner, here are some green tips from Limerick City and County Council to help reduce your waste and carbon footprint over the festive season.

O Christmas Tree

If you get an artificial tree then you don’t have to vacuum up pine needles, but you would need to keep using it for around ten plus years for it to have a lower carbon footprint than a real tree. If you get a real tree then make sure to dispose of it properly, by chipping it yourself or bringing it to a recycling centre for chipping. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The weather outside can be frightful, but Christmas brings a warm glow. If the oven is on and there are a number of people gathering in the same rooms then your home will be warmer than usual. Turn down the thermostat a degree or two, which will save money on heating and cut carbon. Make sure to draw the curtains as the dark December days draw in to help keep in the warmth.  

Now Bring Us Some Christmas Pudding

Plans for Christmas Day are built around a festive feast. Think about how many people are coming and how much they will eat. Allow people to serve themselves and if there is anything leftover make an awesome turkey and stuffing sandwich on St Stephen’s Day. 

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Buying presents is challenging. Receiving a thoughtful gift is a wonderful experience but it can be a rarity. Put thought into giving gifts that are going to be appreciated to avoid unnecessary waste. If in doubt, you are allowed to ask! 

Driving Home for Christmas

Visiting family and friends is an important part of the festive season. If it is a short distance then think about wrapping up warm for a bracing walk or a gentle stroll instead of using your car.  

Source: Limerick City & County Council

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