How to Stay Safe During Storm Barra

With the country in the midst of Storm Barra today, the Department of the Taoiseach have published ways that everyone can stay safe during the storm:

  • Stay away from all coastal areas for the duration of the Met Éireann warnings.
  • All road users should be aware of the hazardous traveling conditions, and only necessary journeys should be undertaken. Motorists should slow down and be aware of the dangers of fallen trees and debris. Cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and high sided vehicles are particularly vulnerable during this time.
  • As conditions will vary throughout the event, people need to take account of the local conditions and advice from their Local Authority.
  • Electricity wires are always live, never approach. If you see fallen or damaged wires, keep clear and phone ESB Networks immediately on 1800 372 999 and 021 238 2410. See a full list of emergency contacts.
  • When red level warnings be issued, the public are advised to shelter in place for the duration of the warning.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged. Mobile phones can connect to the 999 service on any operators network so even where you do not have coverage on your own network it may still be possible to make a 999 call.
  • Follow HSA safety advice regarding the use of tools and equipment during and after the storm.
  • See advice for farmers.
  • Given the increase in outdoor dining, business owners are advised to take down any temporary structures or marquees that have been erected or to secure them properly.

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