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IGPNEA’s ‘Stronger and Better’ Annual Conference Set to Celebrate Irish General Practice Nurses’ Contribution to Healthcare Provision in Ireland

The Irish General Practice Nurses Educational Association (IGPNEA) is gearing up to host its highly anticipated annual conference, ‘Stronger and Better’, this Friday May 12th and Saturday May 13th. Taking place at the Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise, this event aims to celebrate Irish General Practice Nurses (GPNs), their educational prowess and shine a spotlight on the contribution GPNs make to the provision of healthcare in Ireland.

With over 200 healthcare professionals expected to attend, the conference promises an engaging lineup of speakers who will tackle a wide range of topics crucial to General Practice Nursing in Ireland. Aligning with the educational criteria of the Association, these insightful sessions will provide attendees with relevant and informative updates that can be applied directly to their patient care and continued professional development.

Beyond the enriching learning opportunities, the IGPNEA conference serves as a unique platform for networking and collaboration among industry peers. GPNs from all corners of the country will gather to exchange ideas and share innovative approaches, collectively working towards building a stronger healthcare system in Ireland.

The pivotal role played by GPNs in healthcare provision cannot be understated. In 2019 alone, GPNs conducted over 7.5 million patient consultations, a number projected to surpass 9 million annually by 2031. Recognising the need for increased investment in general practice nursing, other members of the medical profession have identified this sector as essential for the delivery of current services and the successful implementation of any future Sláintecare model.

As the landscape of healthcare evolves to meet the changing needs of an ageing population, models of care are shifting towards proactive health improvement and disease prevention in the community and primary care settings. GPNs will play a critical role in driving this transformation.

Mary Jordan, National Chairperson of the IGPNEA, expressed her excitement for the upcoming conference, stating, “it is a valuable use of a GPNs time to attend the conference to avail of educational updates which ultimately benefit our practice and our patients. It demonstrates the commitment that GPNs have to continuous professional development and upskilling. It also affords GPNs from around the country to come together to share ideas, interact with their peers and feel connected to the wider Association.”

Tickets for the conference can be purchased here. Please see the IGPNEA website to find out more about the Association.

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