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Improving Employability Podcast with Daniel Botero

In this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking to Daniel Botero, the founder of the ‘Mastering College to Career Academy, a company that college guides graduates in improving their employability.

Daniel founded the company after seeing many college friends struggling to find jobs after graduating. He began as a speaker who addressed students in universities across the US, delivering strategies that students could implement to land their dream job. This led to the company’s current online based format that guides and assists its members in their pursuit of gaining employment after graduating.

Furthermore, Daniel is the best-selling author of the book ‘Mastering College to Career: A Modern Guide To Landing Your Dream Job Before Graduation’, which he wrote to offer his advice and personal experience to college graduates. He also produces his own podcast, covering various topics relating to his specialty.

The company specialises in helping 1st generation and minority college students receive internship and job offers from top companies. The journey in the academy involves five key steps:

  1. Setting clear targets
  2. Creating visability strategy
  3. Networking and referals
  4. Mastering the interview
  5. Achieving financial freedom

In the podcast hosted by our Council editorial intern Ryan Harmon, Daniel discusses the foundations of his company and offers advice for increasing employability.

Daniel offers his advice on the best things that college graduates can do to boost their opportunities for employment. He discusses the importance of visability, explaining that you can have all the qualifications in the world but may struggle to gain employment if you are not visable to hiring managers and recruiters.

Furthemore, Daniel delves into the interview process, offering advice to gain instant feedback in an interview setting. He explains the challenges that Covid-19 has had on both his company and on graduates finding jobs in a turbulant market. However, Daniel portrays his passion for helping students to land their dream jobs and hopes to continue to help as many people as he can in the coming years.

Be sure to get in touch with Daniel or attend one of his workshops if you need advice on boosting your employability. If you wish to find out more or to listen to the podcast, please see here or click the link below:

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