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Inform Women Transform Lives (IWTL) Website Officially Launches

Dublin City Council, in association with the North East Inner City (NEIC) and The Carter Center, has officially launched the Inform Women, Transform Lives, website which is part of the campaign of the same name. The campaign is a ground-breaking effort that aims to ensure that women can seek and receive impactful information from their governments and thrive in their communities.

Dublin City Council, in conjunction with the Northeast Inner City, conducted research within the Dublin community to find out what information women required access to. The IWTL website has compiled results of where to access this information with topics including, Housing, Training and Further Education, Gender Services, Children’s services and more.

Dublin is one of thirteen cities taking part in this global initiative with a shared goal to provide information and drive awareness of required and useful information for women. Women around the world are the least likely to demand and receive access to information yet are the most in need of this powerful tool.

Lord Mayor, Alison Gilliland added, “partnering with the Carter Centre on this collaborative Inform Women, Transform Lives Campaign is really delivering for women in our city, particularly those women of the North East Inner City directly involved in the campaign. Access to information is empowering. This website will further support women by providing a go-to hub for pertinent, accessible and reliable information on the wide range of services available to them. This will allow them to better support themselves, their families and their communities.”

Eileen Quinlivan, Assistant Chief Executive at Dublin City Council said, “the overall goals of the Inform Women, Transform Lives campaign are to enhance awareness of women’s right to information, to increase the number of women accessing information about municipal and social services in participating cities, for local governments, such as Dublin City Council, to reach women with meaningful information. We are honoured to have been part of this amazing global campaign thus far that aims to empower women through information. Speaking directly to women within the NEIC helped us ensure that this information source was completely relevant to their needs.”

Dublin City is proud to partner with The Carter Centre on the Inform Women, Transform Lives Campaign, aimed at ensuring women have equal access to information that can help to enable and empower.

Source: Dublin City Council

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