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Ireland to Host New Festival to Celebrate the Country as Halloween’s Birthplace

The Púca festival will be launched this year in Ireland’s Ancient East, with specific focus in counties Meath and Louth, and will take place from October 31 through November 2nd. Funded by Faílte Ireland and with over €1.5 million invested, this festival aims to bring tourists in and Halloween home. It is expected to bring visitors from all over the world who wish to celebrate ancient traditions in places away from the usual tourist hotspots.

According to Irish folklore, Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain, meaning summers end, which marked the end of the Celtic year and the start of a new one. It was believed to be a time when spirits who had died within the year would move on to the next life. It was a time of transition for the ancient people where they remembered what had been lost in order to celebrate the future; it was also the last big feast before winter.

The name Púca was chosen because of its connection to an ancient Celtic folklore figure that is often associated with Samhain, the Púca. The Púca is said to come alive around Halloween and change the fortunes of those who come across it.

The festival will have performers, music, and food and will be a time when “light turns to dark, the veil between realities draws thin, rules can be broken and the spirits move between worlds.” More details about the festival will be released in the coming months.

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