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Irish Research Council Supporting Postgraduate Research

Applications for this year’s Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships are now open. This is a programme funding and supporting postgraduate education in the Ireland.

The programme is an established national initiative funded by the Department of Education and Skills, and managed by the Irish Research Council. In 2017 5,000 individual scholarships were awarded for excellent research to date. The Council aim to support outstanding students by funding them the opportunity to direct their own research at early stages in their career.

Students work with a supervisor in their chosen area of interest and a range of disciplines have potential to receive funding; from archaeology to zoology. Research proposals that integrate a multitude of disciplines are encouraged, as they help to ‘[advance] fundamental understanding is achieved by integrating information, techniques, tools and perspectives from two or more disciplines.’

Those applying are required to have achieved a first class or upper second-class honours in the undergraduate studies, or have completed a master’s degree. The Programme is a highly competitive scheme with an average of 19% of applicants successfully securing Council support.

Researchers can avail of €16,000 stipend per annum, contribution to fees of up to €5,750 a year, and annual research expenses extending to €2,250. Applications are independently reviewed and closing date for applications is November 1st.

See the link for more information on qualifying for the programme and how to apply.

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