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Irish tech companies help fill global telecom supply chain void

This piece was first written by Lane Patterson, Senior Vice President of Telecom and IoT, Enterprise Ireland

In 2019, the telecommunications marketplace had to look outside the usual major Chinese vendors for telecommunications products and equipment. The problem for those using the equipment became two-fold. First, much of the equipment had to be replaced or decommissioned, and second, leading technologies were no longer accessible to Chinese vendors, which took the Chinese equipment manufacturer off the leading edge of development in many situations.

This all resulted in telecom needing to find high-quality, value-based equipment source alternatives — and Irish Tech is perfectly poised to help solve this problem. Here’s a quick look at some Irish firms who are helping fill the telecom equipment supply chain void:

Xunison: Xunison is a software and hardware development company based in Ireland providing functional smart home and security solutions. A provider of customer-premise devices, Xunison’s product line delivers attractive, state-of-the-art solutions. Wi-Fi, Cable Television, Wireless local loop, and 5G are all in the Xunison portfolio, offering direct replacements and improvements to market solutions.

Taoglas: Two of the hard-hit niches are the automotive space and the commercial disaster recovery space. Taoglas offers leading antenna and software solutions that cover both. In the automotive space, up-and-coming Electric Vehicle makers are integrating the Taoglas technology into vehicles that update software “over the air” and keep vehicles connected to the internet. In the commercial disaster recovery space, the same technology can be used to keep businesses operating when things break down with power or terrestrial connections — such as keeping credit card transactions and other vital data flowing by using a wireless backup solution. This relatively low-cost safety net is a solution many businesses should not operate without.

Benetel: Benetel is a market leader in Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) technologies. ORAN systems enable wireless network companies to create and operate networks with plug-and-play devices. This means that one vendor’s devices can easily be replaced with another, and they should all play together nicely. Benetel ORAN radio units can be integrated into networks, allowing carriers to continue to provide services without interruption.

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