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Kildare County Council Waste Enforcement Campaign

Kildare County Council has launched a waste enforcement campaign reminding every household and commercial premises in Kildare of their responsibility to minimise, manage and dispose of their waste by using an authorised waste collection service, a civic amenity site or recycling centre.

The public awareness campaign is asking households and commercial premises to ensure they are waste compliant by correctly managing their waste.  By doing so they will make an important contribution to meeting the climate challenge as well as improving the quantity and quality of recyclable material collected and help to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and incineration.

Along with local authorities across the country Kildare County Council have adopted Bye-Laws to ensure a consistent approach to managing our waste – Segregation, Storage and Presentation. 

All household and commercial waste must be segregated into:

  • Dry Recyclables
  • Food and Compostable Waste
  • Residual Waste

Food waste and other compostable waste must be disposed of by either composting, using civic amenity sites or via a brown bin service provided by your authorised waste collection service.

Authorised Waste Collection Services are obliged by law to provide separate bin service for food / compostable waste in agglomerations of 500 or more people.

Joe Boland, Director of Services Kildare County Council said, “the intent of this campaign is to improve general public awareness of their legal obligations with respect to the proper segregation of waste streams within the homes and businesses of the county. The purpose of the bye-laws is to ensure every household and commercial premises segregate and dispose of their waste in an authorised manner.”

If people live in an urban area with a population of greater than 500 people, their authorised waste collector is obliged to provide them with a compostable bin collection service. These simple actions will greatly improve the quality of recyclables collected and significantly minimise the volume of residual wastes that are disposed of at landfill. In addition, there will be significant community benefits arising from a cleaner local environment.”

Kildare County Council are actively carrying out inspections to help ensure compliance with the Bye-Laws and failure to comply with the requirements of the Bye-Laws may result in a fine or legal prosecution.

Source: Kildare County Council

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