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Limerick Mental Health Week is running this week from the 4th October, promoting mental health awareness throughout the county.

A week of public talks, exhibitions, workshops, and events has been organised by Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA). The week aims to create a community forum whereby discussions surrounding positive mental health and removing stigma surrounding the mental health will be had. The purpose of these kinds of discussions is to open up the conversation of mental health and help to integrate mental health into everyday conversations.

World Mental Health Day, 10th October, overlaps with Limerick’s week-long campaign. Limerick Mental Health Association will be offering a range of information and running events on the day. From Thursday October 4th to Saturday October 13th workshops and activities have been organised across Limerick City. From a parkrun at University Limerick Boathouse, to an illuminated display of boats along the river Shannon, there is something that will engage everyone.

Mental Health Week was established by LMHA in 2005 and later extended its connections to include mental health associations throughout the Midwest Region. The key programmes and framework for the week’s events is structured by these associations. According to LMHA: ‘By working with [second and third level educational bodies, community, voluntary and statutory services], we can assess and meet the needs of people throughout the community, from all walks of life.’

Limerick Mental Health Week reminds the community of the available supports and services within the locality that can help with maintaining a sound mind. For a full schedule of events affiliated with the campaign see

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