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Lidl Will Hold Autism Awareness Evenings In Their Stores Nationwide

Following on from the initial success of a trial run last year, Lidl have announced the continuation of the company’s “Autism Aware Quiet Evenings” to be implemented next month.

The initiative is being launched on April 2nd to coincide with World Autism Day.

From the end of May all 194 Lidl stores in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will have sensory adjustments for people with autism in place.

Every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm the following changes are set to be made:

  • Reduced lighting
  • No in-store announcements
  • No music
  • Priority queueing for customers dealing with autism as well as – extra assistance upon request
  • Till scan sounds lowered
  • Autism assistance dogs always welcome

Lidl are calling out to registered Irish autism charities to come forward and promote their work by speaking to customers at the Quiet Evenings.

In a statement Lidl said:

“We’ve been working with charities to ensure the evenings fit customer needs but we’re calling out to registered Irish autism charities to get in touch if you’d like to promote your work & raise awareness by speaking with customers at stores nationwide during our Quiet Evenings.

“Any charities interested please email csr@lidl.ie for full details.”

For an up to date list of stores and roll-out dates, please visit http://www.abettertomorrow-lidl.ie/community/#autism-aware-stores.

Autism is nothing to be ashamed about. According to a study funded by Irish Autism Action there are 1 in 100 people on the autistic spectrum in Ireland.

While people on the spectrum can have difficulty with processing social cues, understanding sarcasm and perceiving others emotions, they can excel in creative thinking, are extremely passionate, loving, loyal and wholly genuine.

To find out more about autism you can visit AsIAm.ie.

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