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National Women’s Enterprise Day is an event launched by Carlow and Kilkenny Enterprise Offices designed to connect businesses and entrepreneurs, and bring enterprises from local to global levels through these connections.

The event’s launch was announced on Wednesday 5th September and will be held on Thursday 18th October 2018. This years theme is ‘from local to global’, encouraging female entrepreneurs to explore export markets and to ‘go international’ with their business with support from their Local Enterprise Office.

Chief Executive with Kilkenny County Council, Colette Byrne, spoke about the event at its launch on Wednesday: ‘We are delighted to be able to host this year’s National Women’s Enterprise Day in Kilkenny and provide a forum with our colleagues in Carlow for female entrepreneurs to build their business connections, as networking is an essential activity for all companies across the island of Ireland.’

Events like this are an opportunity for business people to invest wisely in developing their business network. Entrepreneurial Champion for the event this year, Catherine Roycroft, explained how the event is ‘tailored event designed with [attendees’] business needs in mind.’ Ms. Roycroft is Chief Operations Officer with the award winning Cartoon Saloon. She puts the success of her own business down to effective business networking.

This event is one of many supported programmes in Carlow and Kilkenny aimed at supporting and growing SMEs through training, mentoring and financial support. Pauline Hoctor, Business Advisor with the Local Enterprise Office Carlow, understands the challenges many businesses are faced with, emhphasing that: ‘our door is open to support the business development journey.’

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