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Mayor of South Dublin Calls on Dublin Retail Staff to Complete Free Show Me I.D – Be Age OK Training Module

Lord Mayor of South County Dublin Emma Murphy launched Be Age OK in Dublin, a campaign from Show Me I.D. that encourages retailers to train staff in the sale of age-restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco products and lottery tickets.

Show Me I.D. – Be Age OK is Ireland’s largest youth responsible retail training platform. It provides a free programme to train retail staff across the country and equips them with the tools to handle difficult situations, identify fake ID and prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors. The programme advocates for comprehensive training of all retail staff to ensure they are confident and assured in dealing with potentially confrontational situations.

Spearheading the launch at Regan’s SuperValu Firhouse, Lord Mayor of South County Dublin, Cllr Emma Murphy said, “I am really pleased to be associated with the Show Me I.D 2023 campaign. It is an important initiative to raise awareness about the implications of the sale of restricted products such as alcohol, cigarettes and vapes to minors. The campaign really assists our local retailers providing them with tools and resources on how to ensure best practice when it comes to the sale of these products.”

Manager of Regan’s SuperValu Firhouse Alan O’Donnell also highlighted the many benefits that the training module has for retail staff. He said, “the Show Me I.D – Be Age OK campaign and training module has not only enhanced our compliance with age-restricted sales, but it has also fostered a culture of responsibility and customer safety within our team. This initiativhas empowered our employees with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle age verification, making our store a trusted and respected destination for customers of all ages.”

The Show Me I.D – Be Age OK training module provides retail staff with access to valuable information on age verification, underage sales prevention, and good retail practice. By completing the training module, staff can learn how to handle difficult situations, identify fake identification, and reduce the risk of selling age-restricted products to minors.

For more information about the campaign and to access the free training module, please visit the Show Me ID website:

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