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Meath County Council to Introduce National E-Planning System

Meath County Council is currently engaging with the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) to progress the implementation of the national online e-Planning system.

E- planning aims to modernise the processing and administration of planning applications and will improve efficiency in the statutory planning process and deliver on the government strategy to move more public services online.

Using the e-planning portal, customers will be able to submit their planning applications and lodge submissions on existing planning applications via the online platform. 

The new system will accommodate many benefits including readily available information, a reduction in the use of paper and ink and associated cost savings, quicker publishing and viewing of E- files and automated email notifications to applicants or third parties using the online service.

The portal has been successfully pilot tested in Tipperary and Galway County Councils last year with approximately 52% of all applications submitted online since the system went live in December 2021.

During 2022 Meath County Council Planning Department received 1,744 planning applications and the move to the national e-planning system will make this process quicker.

The Council is currently engaging in preparatory work and IT upgrades which will be followed with engagement with planning agents, engineers, architects, and technicians who will regularly interact with the Council’s Planning Department and assist with the transition to electronic planning submissions.

Meath County Council is the authority responsible for Local Government in County Meath, Ireland, established in 1899 under the 1898 Local Government (Ireland) Act. The Council received constitutional recognition in 1999. They strive to deliver the best possible care to you in an effective and caring manner.

Source: Meath County Council

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