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Ministers Martin and Chambers outline next steps in bid process for joint staging of World Cup

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The Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin TD, and the Minister of State for Gaeltacht and Sport, Jack Chambers TD, have welcomed the commitment from the UK government to support a prospective 5 association bid for the 2030 FIFA Men’s World Cup.

The partners involved include the English Football Association, Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Wales, Irish Football Association and Football Association of Ireland, and UK government, Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly Government, the Northern Ireland Executive, the Government of Ireland and UK Sport.

Minister Martin said:

“This is an exciting possibility, but we are still in the very early stages of assessing how and if this major global tournament could be part hosted by our nation. Feasibility studies will continue with our partners to assess the viability of a bid, and we look forward to further extensive engagement and collaboration as we seek to refine our hosting proposals in the coming months and years. Staging a FIFA World Cup would provide an incredible opportunity to deliver tangible benefits to the UK and Ireland.

“Precise details of the involvement of each partner, including which cities and stadia will be involved, are yet to be determined. This provides a unique opportunity and as we sow the seeds of recovery for Ireland’s tourism sector we cannot underestimate the benefits such an event would bring to the country.”

Minister Chambers said:

“If a decision is made to bid for the event, we look forward to presenting our hosting proposals to FIFA and the wider global football community. The FIFA Men’s World Cup is one of the largest and most impactful events in the World. Any bid process to host the tournament is always highly competitive and we look forward to developing our hosting proposal and working with FIFA to showcase our incredible assets and hosting credentials. Bidders will only be known once the bid process is formally opened by FIFA in 2022.”

The Department will continue with sporting partners to assess the viability of a prospective bid. In the first instance this will involve contributing to a capability assessment of stadia as well as a number of other criteria to help determine whether the return ultimately justifies Ireland’s participation in the bid.

Direct economic benefits such as spending by visiting fans, broadcasters and media and sponsors will be taken into account but other long-term benefits such as increased international profile, participation in sports, strengthened links with our nearest neighbours, and increased future tourism will also be assessed. If a bid is to proceed, the appropriate structures will need to be put in place and a strategy agreed with our partners to drive the bid forward and ultimately deliver success.

FIFA have indicated that the bid process for the 2030 FIFA Men’s World Cup will open in 2022, with bids due to be submitted in 2024. Any decision to bid will be made collaboratively, with a formal announcement to follow in due course.

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