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Mountview Gets Moving with eCargo Rental From Fingal County Council and Bleeper

Fingal County Council, in partnership with service provider Bleeper, have launched a brand new public eCargo bike rental based at Mountview Community Centre, Dublin 15.

An eCargo bike is a battery power assisted pedal bike with a clever feature in front; a large, aerodynamically designed, lidded box. The box has a carrying capacity of 350 litres and is suitable for moving items such as sports training gear, small items of furniture or simply a large load of grocery shopping.

Fingal County Council’s Director of Environment, Climate Action and Active Travel, David Storey says cargo bikes can provide the convenience and capacity that non-drivers may have traditionally struggled with, stating, “we know that fewer young people are learning to drive or choosing to own a car and we believe that Active Travel services such as this eCargo bike can plug the gap that people may experience without a motor vehicle and make the choice to switch to Active Travel easier. Fingal County Council is working hard to provide a network of cycling routes and safer cycle lanes across the County and by pairing that work with services like bike sharing we are opening up a world of cycling opportunities for everyone in the community.”

Borrowing the eCargo bike is a simple process. The bike is stored in a ‘bike bunker’ at Mountview Community Centre and can be unlocked for a small €3 fee, which covers 120 minutes of use. After 120 minutes, a fee of €0.05 per minute is charged. The eCargo bike must be returned to its original location at the end of your trip and to hire the eCargo Bike you must download the Bleeper app and set up an account. Users must be over the age of 18 to set up a Bleeper account. To access the eCargo Bike Bunker, users will also need to download the EVVA Airkey App, which will enable them to use the NFC Reader with their phone.

This eCargo bike has been purchased by Fingal County Council and maintenance and bookings will be handled by partner Bleeper.

Hugh Cooney, CEO of Bleeper Bike, says cargo bikes can offer a convenient and affordable alternative to car use for many, stated, “our eCargo bikes take advantage of the latest technology, they are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Anyone who can cycle a bike can use a cargo bike and being able to do the ‘big shop’ for example without the need for a car can really free you up to choose the healthy, climate friendly option of cycling.”

Source: Fingal County Council

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