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New Campaign Highlights Career Opportunities in Local Government

Local authorities around the country are encouraging the public to consider the range of rewarding career opportunities available across the local government sector.

Ireland’s 31 local authorities provide hundreds of services across diverse areas such as climate action, planning, arts and culture, health and sports promotion, economic and community development and more.

Working with a local authority offers the chance to make a real difference for your county and community alongside passionate and committed colleagues. Local authorities offer flexible and family friendly arrangements, blended working, and great career progression and education opportunities.

A national website,, brings together all local government job opportunities in one place, along with information on career benefits and how recruitment works in the sector.

The site allows users to sign up for an account and get alerted when roles that suit their interests are advertised in local authorities around the country. will be useful for anybody seeking a role in the local government sector and for students or career guidance teachers who want to know more about careers in the sector.

On the website you can read profiles of people currently working in the local government sector and find out about the reality of what they do and why they recommend a career in local government.

The website also offers information on the local government recruitment process as well as tips for making your application and getting ready for interview.

More information about local authority career opportunities can be found at

Source: LGMA

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