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Oak Hall Consulting Q&A Featuring Jessica Gregory

In this weeks podcast we had the pleasure of speaking to the CEO of Oak Hall Consulting, Jessica Gregory.

As mentioned, Jessica is the founder and CEO of Oak Hall Consulting (OHC), an organisation providing Irish Energy Market expertise to new electricity and gas market entrants, existing Energy Suppliers and other Energy Industry participants and bodies.

Jessica has over 20 years’ experience working within the regulated and deregulated energy sectors both in Ireland, NI, UK and South Africa. Prior to founding OHC, Jessica has held executive roles in Energy Regulation and Irish Energy Retail market design.

She also has extensive consultancy and senior project management experience contributing to the delivery of several strategic Energy Programmes (such as the de-regulation of the Irish Electricity Industry) both in Ireland and in other countries. Jessica has a unique combination of technical, commercial and regulatory skills allowing her to communicate, advise and provide solutions to energy companies that consider the whole organisation and their competing priorities.

Jessica and OHC also work with existing participants to optimise their position through provision of expertise to upscale, requalify in new markets, develop risk management strategies and improve their energy processes, service and operations.

Jessica also provides market specialist expertise in niche areas such as smart metering, supplier licence acquisition, prepayment, renewable/green source certification, microgeneration and many more. OHC acknowledge that not all organisations have the niche skill sets necessary to comply and compete in the rapidly changing energy landscape. 

In the podcast hosted by our Council editor Jack Mullen, Jessica disccsued trends that have become apparent over the past 12 months.

In the podcast, Jessica talked about a whole host of topics including navigating the challenges that have been brought about as a result of Covid-19, the need for a greater level of female participation in the energy sector and why OHC stresses the importance of delivering unique solutions.

Moreover, Jessica discusses how organisations such as OHC brings a way of cutting through the vast amount of complex info that exists in policy, industry and technical design, regulation and commercial drivers to help companies develop relevant solutions that are specific to their needs.

Ultimately, Jessica puts across the message that OHC hopes to expand their client base and help more businesses (public and private) and communities understand how to navigate Ireland’s energy industry, how to make sense of it and how to optimise their operations within it or alongside it. Jessica wants to make energy industries accessible to businesses through OHC expertise and knowledge provision.

If you wish to find out more or listen to the podcast, please see here or see the link below.

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