OCI will not pay Pat Hickey’s €410k court bond

A spokesperson for the Olympic Council of Ireland has said it will not be paying the €410,000 bond which Pat Hickey is required to pay as a condition of having his passport returned and being allowed to leave Brazil on medical grounds.

The OCI says it is a personal matter for Mr Hickey. The OCI is currently paying Mr Hickey’s legal fees.

A judge in Brazil last night ruled that the former OCI president is to be given back his passport and permitted to leave the country.

Justice Juliana Leal de Melo of the Special Court for Supporter and Large Events in Rio de Janeiro, which had jurisdiction during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, ruled that Mr Hickey can be allowed to leave Brazil “to treat a health problem”.

Mr Hickey, 71, must pay a bond to the court of €410,000 (1.5m Brazilian dollars).

He is among ten people facing charges related to an investigation into alleged ticket touting at Rio 2016. He has denied all allegations made against him.

Although he was released almost two weeks after his arrest in August, Brazilian officials retained Mr Hickey’s passport.

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