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Outdoor Life in Cork City has Never Looked More Colourful!

‘Outdoor Life in the City’ is a vibrant new mural on Tuckey Street which was commissioned by Cork City Council. The work was a collaboration between the Sports and Sustainability Section, Cork City Libraries and the City Arts Office, to celebrate outdoor activities happening in the city and promote our natural environment.

The Mural was designed and painted by renowned visual artist and muralist Claire Prouvost with assistance from the talented signwriter and budding muralist Louise Gardiner. Over the course of a week, the artists transformed a dull, blank wall into a burst of colour and shapes, depicting images of active life in Cork – people jogging, rowing, cycling, playing camogie, and cycling to the park to relax and read a book. There’s natural life depicted too with bees, butterflies, ladybirds and plants, all portrayed in Claire’s unique and quirky style.

Speaking at the launch, Lord Mayor, Cllr Colm Kelleher, said, “this unique and delightfully colourful mural represents some of the positive work the City Council does. We all know Cork prides itself as the capital of sports, and Cork City Council supports sports at all levels. The Council is also actively engaged In promoting our natural environment, sustainable ways of travelling, and supporting biodiversity in the city.”

Adrienne Rodgers, Director of Services with Cork City Council, explained that, “our team was looking for a way to portray the message of sustainability and healthy lifestyles in a creative rather than a preachy way. We’re thrilled that Claire’s stunning creation has captured all that so positively in a mural that adds to the wealth of street art in the city.”

Source: Cork City Council

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