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Powering the Internet of Things (IoT) Podcast with Mike Hayes

In this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking to Mike Hayes, who is the Head of Group for ICT for Energy Efficiency at the Tyndall National Institute.

Mike and his team at the Tyndall National Institute are currently researching and working on developing solutions to power the Internet of Things (IoT), eliminating the need for battery replacement and creating a more energy and resource efficient world.

Since 2008, Mike has co-ordinated projects under the umbrella of powering the Internet of Things (IoT), primarily focusing on energy harvesting, powering wireless devices, and systems retrofitting on or near people, equipment and infrastructure.

Tyndall is one of Europe’s leading research centres and a world leader in PSiP (power supply in package) & PwrSoC (power supply on chip) and an epicentre for micro-power energy harvesting research in Europe.

In the podcast hosted by our Council Editor Ryan Harmon, Mike discusses his research on powering the IoT and the work he has conducted in conjunction with the EnABLES EU Project.

Mike starts by discussing what IoT is and the benefits it has in our lives. He explains that we are surrounded by IoT, which are found in sensors and communication devices that we use. He believes that by 2025, there will be 1 trillion sensors in use around the world, which is a staggering figure that shows the importance of these devices.

Mike talks about the importance of developing long-lasting batteries that can power these devices, and points to energy harvesting as one of the best methods to do so. In relation to these devices, energy can be harvested from sources such as motion, body heat and light.

Furthermore, Mike highlights the importance of his work in Tyndall and with EnABLES EU to create a more sustainably powered eco-system of long-lasting battery powered devices. This is crucial to minimise the impact of these devices on the environment and to ensure sustainability in the future.

For more information on the topic, please see the Tyndall and the EnABLES EU websites, or get in touch with Mike. If you wish to find out more or to listen to the podcast, please see here or click the link below:

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