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Q&A with Addjust CEO Padraig Neylon

In this weeks discussion we spoke to Padraig Neylon who is the CEO and Co-founder of Addjust.

Addjust is a software solutions company that offers supports to the construction industry, local authorities, project managers, software engineers and many many more.

In this podcast, Padraig along with our Council editor, Jack Mullen, spoke about a variety of different, yet somewhat related topics.

Developments in the adoption of software for county councils, the use and successful implementation of digital contracting and the future application of advanced technological services were discussed in great detail by Padraig. Moreover, questions surrounding the implications of Covid-19 and newly developing trends in the software industry were touched upon by Padraig.

In the latter part of the Q&A, the conversation seemed to move away from contemporary uses of software for local authorities and the construction industry and more so towards the what future may hold for companies such as Addjust.

Padraig enclosed what he saw to be some of the changes coming down the line. These changes, he prectited, may take place in the spheres of technological innovation and government legislation.

To listen to the full podcast see here or click below:

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