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Q&A with Conor Stone

Pictured above: Conor Stone

In this week’s unique podcast we had the pleasure of speaking to the Founder of WorkMindful and A Mental Health Journey, Conor Stone. In addition, Conor is also currently working as The Partnerships & Community Lead at Lupa, the Digital Running Studio.

As mentioned, Conor is the founder of both WorkMindful and A Mental Health Journey. WorkMindful offers mindfulness and meditation training, as well as wellbeing strategy consultation to businesses, NGOs, schools, clubs and sports teams in Ireland and the UK. WorkMindful offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to suit your needs. The services they offer include:

– Online mindfulness and meditation training (Once off or packaged deal)

– In-person mindfulness and meditation training (Once off or packaged deal)

– Corporate wellbeing strategy consultation

– Podcast/blog sponsorship opportunities

– Speaking appearances covering mental health at work, managing anxiety, managing depression, learning to develop a self-care routine, and any of our podcast topics

In addition, A Mental Health Journey was set up to share “mental health experiences in a way that can help others in their acceptance, recovery and coping process” according to Conor.

In the podcast itself, both Conor and our Council Journal editor Jack Mullen spoke about a variety of different, yet somehow related topics. In the early part of the discussion, Conor highlighted the main reasons as to why he is currently so actively involved with mental health awareness and moreover why he went about setting up both WorkMindful and A Mental Health Journey.

Soon after, Conor was given the difficult of task of predicting what he thought the long term impacts of Covid-19 would have on the relationship between mental health and the workplace? And whether or not he thought that organisations would begin to realise the potential that mindfulness and meditation will have for staff. This question yielded some incredible insights and offered us a perspective on the pandemic that was unlike anything we had previously heard on our show.

Later, both Conor and Jack, began to discuss Conor’s current role as Partnerships & Community Lead at Lupa, the Digital Running Studio. Conor spoke about how “Lupa is your virtual running partner that helps to guide and motivate you through your earphones, helping to make every run different, even if the route is the same.

And how “It combines a human-like coaching experience with mindfulness expertise and advanced running technology to guide runners in real-time.”

We at the Council Journal felt that the best way of experiencing all that Lupa had to offer was by downloading their app which is readily available on pretty much all mobile app stores.

Watch this demo to find out more:

Lupa’s Features, as stated by Conor include:

-Run tracking

Audio guidance

-Pacing, courses

-Mindfulness runs

-Performance runs

-Free running/walking with podcast

-Strava integration

Download the App here:  –

In the later part of this week’s podcast, Conor was asked what he thought the future held for Lupa, WorkMindful and a Mental Health Journey? and where he saw these brands in the next five years. To which he provided both a nuanced and largely positive perspective.

If you wish to find out more or listen to the podcast, please see here or see the link below.

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